Law-Related Content Will Merely Be For Educational And Entertaining Value For The User: Priority Claim

Whenever mixing shorter reports on national affairs with huge doses of weather and human interest, day in and day out, CNN news offerings resemble nearest news more than anything else.

As long as the poser is always safe, Pokerfaced’ objectivity gives way to breathless moralism.

Tonight That’s a fact, it’s oftentimes drugs evils. In mid1980s stylish emotion was patriotism. Basically, with emotional problems blown up larger than essence and less dramatic but equally assured ones diminished, danger is all that passion might be inflated at understanding expense and that community agenda may be distorted. By the way, the drive for ratings has produced lots of troubling practices, from modem furious pace news to a tendency for journalists to scramble like politicians onto bandwagon of the recent bandwagon wave of reputed sentiment. In special another preferred embodiments, the invention disclosed herein in addition provides novel methods and systems for aggregating law related content, including ‘thirdparty’ law related content.

Similarly, edited aggregation will be used whereby information, law related content and questions and replies from one or more users, is aggregated and later edited by one or more editors before I know it’s posted on and made available for viewing by users via the interactive system 100.

This automated content aggregation usually can be reliably implemented, let’s say, by any suitable content aggregation software.

Whenever in accordance with one example, questions from one or more users, in addition to law related content, have been uploaded by one or more attorneys in response to usergenerated questions and requests for information.

Any method type and system for content aggregation will be used including, for example, single stream aggregation methods which aggregate information from multiple sources and combines the information into a single stream of information.

Ain’t limited to, as an example, text, videos, images, sounds, and any different forms of audio and visual images, graphics, as well as various forms of content, the law related content may involve. Finally, whenever conforming to a preferred embodiment, online systems embodied by the present invention provide novel and nonobvious automated methods for aggregating usergenerated law related content, wherein content involves content in more than one special language. Whenever referring to FIG, For instance. For instance, A meme aggregator usually can in addition be used to reduce the signal to noise ratio and as a result aggregate mostly particular selected content. By the way, the present automated methods invention, for aggregating lawrelated content, comprise methods for automated content aggregation.

In a preferred embodiment, present system 100 invention in addition includes means for browsing a file for one or more audible terms.

The means usually can involve, for the sake of example, a browse audio or search audio button or tab which is displayed when user launches the system on their computer.

An user usually can search for any audible term, or a plurality of audible terms. Basically, interactive system 100 could comprise one or more speakers, and accompanying hardware and software components that permit an user to listen to audible components from a video. Primarily, have been not limited to, a monitor, keyboard, solid state drive, sound card, graphic cards, memory, motherboard, and computer data storage, by way of nonlimiting example. Videos. And identical visual and audio content that has been described herein. Hardware components may involve. Interactive system 100 could likewise comprise a microphone and accompanying hardware and software components that let an user to record for the sake of example, may be transcribed and helps user to post ‘lawrelated’ questions to one or more video instructors.

By way of example, system monetization 100 will preferably be achieved by having users pay a subscription fee to access fulllength videos. Extra revenue might be obtained, as an example, by advertising on website. Preferably, whole dialogue was always rehearsed beforehand from a script. In reality, video features a dialogue betwixt mock client and the video instructors, and the dialogue as well preferably contains one or more entertaining anecdotes and jokes to make video more entertaining for viewers. While during a dialogue, a mock client asks one or more video instructors fundamental questions about immigration law, By way of example. The dialogue was usually videotaped and whole video could be viewed by an user. Then once again, video instructors were always actual licensed attorneys that have a big deal of knowledge and real world experience in immigration field law, and these attorneys appear in the video as video instructors for educational purposes.

In this example, information provided by video instructors has been in addition rather educational and enables any video viewer to practice more about immigration law.

In this depiction, video instructors 210 and 220 have been sitting around a table 230 and having a dialogue with mock client 240 about one or more law related topics.

Referring to FIG. FIG. That said, These questions and replies back usually can be compiled and stored and retrieved in any desired manner, for example, by date, user name, topic, etcetera A system user 100 usually can search the aggregated content for text, videos, images, sounds, and any different forms of audio as well as visual images, graphics, and also additional forms of content. In one embodiment, content aggregation subsystem 150 enables automated aggregation of questions and replies back about a law related pic or about a plurality of exclusive lawrelated topics. Present invention satisfies this long standing need in art. There has as a result been a long felt, noticeable and unmet need for substantially improved delivery of costeffective online lawrelated content.

Merely think for a moment. Present invention provides novel and nonobvious, ‘cost effective’ approaches, methods and systems for providing interactive lawful content to an user or a plurality of users, and wherein the ‘law related’ content is probably as well provided in a manner that is highly educational and entertaining all in identical platform.

Still various different objects and benefits of preferred present embodiments invention will be readily apparent to those experienced in this art from following detailed description, wherein lots of us are aware that there is described specific preferred embodiments of invention, and examples for illustrative purposes. In another invention aspect, improved online delivery of law related content of present invention provides for computer methods and systems that enable an user to search a video for one or more audible terms. Unless the context dictates otherwise, the terms comprising. Including are synonymous. While at identical time providing educational ‘lawrelated’ content that is helpful in in response to the user’s law related questions, By way of non limiting example. Consequently features an audible dialogue betwixt one or more video instructors and one or mock clients, and further wherein the dialogue was intentionally scripted and contains humorous jokes as dialogue part. For example, It is usually preferred that videos that usually were accessed via system 100 are usually wellrehearsed, scripted, and edited videos that been written, directed and produced by an experienced video production team, experience working with realworld actors and also actresses with formal acting experience. The mock clients usually were preferably realworld actors or actresses that usually were hired to appear in video as clients that are seeking replies back to their questions on one or more rightful topics.

The videos likewise preferably feature one or more entertaining and educational props as well as visual aids and one or more sound aids that are as well featured as scripted part video.

This results in a video that was usually, no doubt both educational and entertaining, and on p of that rather valuable in delivering precise, very informative ‘lawrelated’ content to the users.

By way of ‘non limiting’ example, representative ‘lawrelated’ content that should be covered in videos includes content on immigration law, intellectual property law, business formation, dispute resolution, and identical areas of law. Present invention in addition provides capabilities for an user to rewind and simultaneously scroll through an online document while viewing a streaming video. Considering above said. In this particular manner, user usually can control which video part they need to watch, and either quick forward or rewind the video depending on user’s preferences. When an user is watching a ‘law related’ video, in special another preferred embodiments a ‘hand held’ computer mouse has been used by user to scroll down screen in the course of the video.

Whenever referring to FIG, These functions usually can be performed by an user by virtue of a video scrolling subsystem For instance. Accordingly the user may select when to start a video and when to fastforward a video by operating the computer mouse. As indicated by one example they may post their lawful issue or question via the interactive system 100 which will preferably be accessed via an interactive website, when an user has a lawful issue or question. In this manner, interactive users system 100 will thus view, comment on, reply to, and otherwise engage in dialogue in response to posted legitimate issue or question. That said, an user was probably used synonymously with consumer, as used herein. Since legitimate outsourcing probably were not being provided by interactive system 100, interactive Use system 100 does not require payment of a retainer for an attorney hiring. In a preferred embodiment, an user will pay a fee to access one or more videos that have probably been provided via interactive system Because interactive system 100 ain’t a rightful outsourcing provider, the fee payment shall not be used for obtaining legitimate outsourcing. Fact, an user could access the information provided by the videos since In this manner, the payment has probably been for the subscription, and it’s not a payment for any lawful representation or advice.

Afterwards, the fee payment may be required for an user to access one or more videos that provide lawrelated content and which are presented in an educational and entertaining manner via system an user could select from a variety of subscription plans with an eye to use numerous interactive features system For instance, an user may access the interactive system 100 after user has paid one more invention aspect, the present invention provides methods that permit an user to edit a document online as an user views a streaming video. These and similar data backup, server and storage technologies usually can be utilized in accordance with present invention, such that users could safely and reliably upload any audio type and video content, and similar data and files to a server, similar to a network server or ‘cloud based’ server. Furthermore, an user could use one or more remote ‘webbased’ applications, as an example any suitable SaaS or Software as a Service application, to organize the data and files.

More preferably, an user will store data and files, similar to video files, graphics, images, etcetera, on one or more remote data servers.

Audio and visual content that will be accessed via interactive system present 100 invention will be stored, accessed and retrieved using any secure and suitable storage means.

Whenever using any suitable cloud computing server architecture, A cloud server may likewise be utilized to store files reachable on interactive system 100, like video files, graphics, images, and similar. The audio and visual content, as an example content included in video files, will be stored on a computer’s drive or networked drive. That a viewer may listen to someone talk faster, In one more invention aspect, the present invention provides for novel streaming video playback methods that allow way faster and more efficient playback. Interactive system present 100 invention provides users with a ‘lowcost’, doityourself option that lets users to educate themselves on unusual areas of law.

The interactive system present 100 invention encourages users to reduce costs by leting them to be better informed, and lets users to be better prepared to manage a lawful task with an attorney, must the user planning to hire an actual attorney.

As long as in modern trade markets, the interactive system provides noticeable and unexpected benefits for users or consumers, plenty of people can not afford to hire a steep in price lawyer, and a great deal of people need secure, correct, timely, and ‘readily accessible’ information to and akin electronic platform and the system 100 may in addition provide both video content and audio content for users in any language. In addition, plenty of alternate and equivalent implementations might be substituted for specific embodiments shown and described without departing from the present scope invention, albeit specific embodiments was illustrated and described herein.

This application has always been intended to cover any adaptations or embodiments variations discussed herein.

Special foregoing description representative present embodiments invention are presented for purposes of illustration and description.

They were probably not intended to be exhaustive or to limit present invention to the precise forms disclosed. When a video instructor says finder or finders, if a system user 100 wants to study about finder fees, viewer may type finder fee into the computer and, video would begin playing at that point, so the viewer could skip ahead to video next point in which someone says finder fee and so forth. Whenever referring to FIG, For instance. In another preferred embodiment, the interactive system 100 permits an user to search a video for an audible term. Generaly, present invention in addition contemplates computer methods that allow a system user 100 to edit a document online as user views a streaming video. While enabling editing of that document and vice versa, as a interactive user lawrelated content watches a video, an user usually can scroll through a document. This is where it starts getting practically serious. Editing subsystem 130 in addition helps an user to create a brand new document, add newest content to an existing document, or edit or delete content from an existing document.

That the user usually can save edited document and continue to work on the document at a later time, edits All will be stored in memory storage. These editing functions could be performed, for instance, by editing subsystem 130, as interactive part system Editing subsystem 130 consists of solid hardware and software components that encourage an user to edit a document online as user views a streaming video. In this manner, massive quantities of audible content may be searched in a relativelyrelatively shorter time. Audio mining search technologies may be utilized to locate particular words, phrases and identical audible terms within the audio. Have you heard of something like that before? Audio mining searches usually can be run at speeds that are thousands of times faster than real time.

In addition to any one of a kind facts of someone’s voice, A search engine may search for exclusive audio file characteristics like audio type file. Voice characteristics of a specific individual. Pitch. Harmonics, and tone.

The searching subsystem 110 usually can be used to search for audible content, in addition to searching for any next content type including text, graphics, images, and similar Any suitable search engine technology could be utilized that encourages an user to search a video for desired content.

For instance, an audible dialogue during a video betwixt video instructors and a mock client will be searched to locate special audible terms. Voice characteristics usually can as well be searched including a particular individual’s talking, laughing, and suchlike If a video likewise contains one or more musical elements or songs, hereafter another audible components that may be searched comprise audible music elements or song that may be identified depending on one or more features, including but not limited to notes on musical scale, pitch, melody, tone, rhythm, tempo and dynamics. An audio search engine will be used, as an example, to search a video for audio content. Speech technology may be used to recognize special audible elements that were always spoken in an audio or video file.

Any suitable search type engine may be used to search a video for an audible term. Searching subsystem 110 involves any combination of hardware and software components that encourage an user to search a video for one or more audible terms. Interactive system 100, that will preferably be accessed via the interactive website, furthermore preferably provides users with access to an electronic library of documents, forms and similar resources that have always been useful in in response to their questions on or more ‘law related’ topics. In one present aspect invention, methods and systems for improved online delivery of law related content have always been highly cost effective and provide for streaming videos that contain useful rightful information. In another preferred embodiment, the interactive system 100 provides access to one or more videos that feature one or more attorney video instructors with one or more mock clients. In a preferred embodiment, the video instructors create their own script and author the video content. An user usually can scroll through a video, search for audio content, skim a video, and utilize next system features 100 as described herein.

Videos feature entertaining and educational dialogue betwixt these video instructors with one or more mock clients.

User usually can select the speed at which they skim a video.

That a viewer will listen to someone talk faster, the present invention as well provides for streaming video playback methods that allow swifter and more efficient playback. User isn’t necessarily understanding any and any word, when skimming a book and similar written material. Now let me tell you something. That person typically may study mostly every first sentence paragraph, when a person skims a book. The subsystem 120 may preferably involve a video speed controller, that encourages an user to accelerate or quick forward, slow down, and rewind any video at any desired speed.

While referring to FIG, For instance.

In an akin manner, subsystem 120 permits an user to skim through a video in this manner that they always were not necessarily listening to any and almost any audible term, and they have been not necessarily viewing any and any separate video frame.

The invention thence better enables skimming of videos way people skim books, as an example. The present invention generaly relates to improved online delivery of law related content for users. Present invention has broad applicability within technology and media fields and will in addition be utilized for the improved online delivery of educational content and in addition entertainment related content. In any case, the video instructors offer educational discussions on lawful problems that were usually well suited for any audience. Interactive Users, online system have usually been not required to pay any lawyer for actual legitimate outsourcing. Afterwards, cost effective delivery of information via interactive, online system includes streaming videos with useful lawful information. Preferably, system is designed to educate the communal about the law in an entertaining and informative manner, by providing videos that feature licensed lawyers. In fact, In a preferred embodiment, the methods and present systems invention provide interactive, online law related content and information to an user or a plurality of users in a really cost effective manner.

In a preferred embodiment, an user submits a question and question has been posted online using the interactive system the replies back to user’s questions are probably therefore posted by lawyers that was selected to participate and approved to provide the replies back.

Preferably, user will consequently access a free preview video with limited free content.

By way of non limiting example, user has paying option a fee to download supplemental instructions and ‘lawrelated’ forms, and optionally watch one or more entertaining ‘doityourself’ videos or educational videos on one or more law related topics. So an user may search for, and select from, any number of exclusive rightful pics and rightful problems that they need and similar content provided through the interactive system 100 always were made attainable to users or consumers via the website.

Access to a calendar of events for lawrelated, educational and entertaining events that might be of interest to an user; access to sample legitimate documents; access to an user chat room for exchanging comments and dialogue with interactive users system; access to advertising by realworld attorneys and businesses; and a la carte products of interest, like options for paid access to movies made in Hollywood, Calif, representative features which are always provided via the interactive system 100 comprise, for sake of example, access to lawful news updates as well as ‘caserelated’ information which usually can be accessed by an user.

So an interactive website indicates that an user could access information, contribute information, retrieve information, post and edit documents, as well as otherwise interact with content in various different ways that is provided by the interactive system 100 via Internet, as used herein.

A system user 100, let’s say upon payment of a subscription fee, could optionally select particular more features which usually can as well be accessed via the website.

Did you know that the interactive system 100 usually can preferably enable an user to provide feedback about their experience using system 100, post questions, and on p of that give ratings about the videos and similar materials that they access via system 100. While watching extra entertaining and educational ‘lawrelated’ videos, accessing educational content, downloading educational forms and lawrelated forms, participating in a QA discussion with additional users as well as video instructors, posting content and searching for content on ‘law related’ blogs, skimming videos, searching one or more videos for one or more audible terms, scrolling through one more videos, and editing one or more documents online as an user views a streaming video, or any combination of these features, representative features comprise, are not limited to. Then, In a preferred embodiment, interactive system 100 will be accessed using one or more devices that enables an user to access online delivery of law related content, educational content, and ‘lawrelated’ content presented in an educational and entertaining manner.

Preferably, a free one minute to twominute video usually can as well be accessed via system 100, and these free ‘one minute’ to ‘3 minute’ videos have a trailer, advertisement or shorter preview that includes a pitch from amidst the video instructors which invites an user to view a lengthier video. When the interactive system 100 is used, in next preferred embodiments the system 100 may provide a status update regarding an user’s outstanding question, and all that in no instance will status updates or replies back to an user’s questions be deemed as rightful advice. User usually can likewise preferably zoom in or zoom out to improve the videos size when they have probably been viewing them via the interactive system 100. The computer and akin electronic device will be operated using any operating type system including but not limited to, as an example, any Linux, Apple, Android or Windows brand operating system. Screen could be an uch screen which lets user to use interactive system by uching the screen with either their fingers, a stylus, or by various means. There is some more information about it on this website. An user usually can access interactive system present 100 invention, for the sake of example, via access to a Internet website via a special computer or laptop, or via access to any electronic type device, including but not limited to a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

In preferred embodiments, computer and similar electronic device has a screen and a keyboard and the keyboard could, for instance, be a real physical keyboard, an onscreen virtual keyboard, or an uch screen keyboard.

By paying a subscription fee, interactive users, online system 100 will obtain educational legitimate materials and get access to all materials, data and information provided via interactive, online system.

By way of nonlimiting example, a representative present system invention has been displayed schematically in FIG. Lawyers none that act as video instructors and provide replies to an user’s questions will require a retainer for discussing law related content, when interactive system 100 has always been used. I know that the interactive, system 100 should not in any way be deemed or construed to be a law firm, and it would not in any way be deemed to be a platform for providing any kind of legitimate advice, explanation, opinion, or legitimate recommendations, when interactive system 100 lets an user to access online ‘lawrelated’ content.

‘law related’ content will merely be for educational and entertaining value for user. The present invention provides novel and non obvious, ‘cost effective’ approaches, methods and systems for providing interactive law related content and information to an user or a plurality of users, and wherein ‘law related’ content probably was provided in a manner that was probably extremely educational and entertaining all in quite similar platform. On contrary, intent has probably been to cover all alternatives, modifications, and equivalents. There’s no intent to limit the scope to the embodiments disclosed herein, while embodiments are described in connection with drawings and related descriptions. Basically, Although the following detailed description contains a great deal of specific details for illustration purposes, one of ordinary skill in art will appreciate that a great deal of variations and alterations to the following details always were within scope of invention the scope. Accordingly, the invention following embodiments are always set forth without any loss of generality to, and without imposing limitations upon, the claimed invention.